Faith Lutheran Church Desboro


"A Man Named Martin"

Part 2: The Moment

You are invited to participate in these teachings! 

Everyone is Welcome to join us!


     Sunday, Oct 15, 22, 29 @ 8:00pm

at the home of Eric & Sandra Weatherall...led by Marohl Kuhl,

     Monday, Oct 16, 23, 30 @ 7:30pm

at the home of Bill & Elise Sachs...led by Bill Sachs,

     Tuesday, Oct 17, 24, Wed Nov 1 @ 7:30pm

at the home of Dave & Karen Kuhl...led by Kim Kuhl,

     Wednesday, Oct 18, Thur 26,Wed Nov1 @ 7:30pm

at the home of Bill & Marlene King...led by Trent Batterman,

     Thursday, Oct 19, 26, Nov 2 @ 2:00pm

at the home of Harris Kuhl...led by Harris Kuhl.

Please feel free to come to any of the home bible study groups and if your schedule conflicts with one group you may join any groups' study as they are all following the same curriculum